• The Inglorious Bards

S1:12 "Forgotten Temple"

After managing to defeat the kraken hatchling, the heroes return to the Boglig village, tell their story, and speak to the chief. Spending the night in the village, Olgrim and Puck are presented with an interesting dilemma with very different results. The heroes finally meet the man the Bogligs have been healing. The group decides to head back towards more familiar ground but takes a detour to investigate an old temple they saw on their way to the Boglig village. The group must face a hard truth before proceeding into the depths of the temple, where they will face off against the temple's new inhabitants.

Join us in this episode where Puck enjoys some Boglig caviar, Olgrim tries out a new career as a mime, Avius convinces the group to join his cult, and Elmon is called out by name for his past actions.


Reliably hammered together by the finest dwarves!

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